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Prostitution in the Dutch Caribbean, Aruba

Prostitution in Aruba started to expand when oil refineries were opened on the island in the 1920s. In 1928, the Government set up a regulated area of prostitution (red-light district) in the oil refining town of Sint Nicolaas. Regulations started during the 1950s allowed women to work for up to 3 months as "nightclub hostesses" in the bars and clubs of Sint Nicolaas' red-light district.

Women from Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic came to the island to work in the clubs and bars. Because prostitution is legal, it is regulated by the government's department of public health. This means that all the girls are required by law to be tested periodically for STDs.


Experience San Nicolas Red Light District

Experience the fascinating San Nicolas Red Light District with an expert local guide. San Nicolas is the second capital of Aruba and home to the main red light district on the island. Our most important goal is to offer a fun, unique, and informative walking tour where people can learn all about what makes this neighborhood so unique. 

Visit all the highlights and the more unknown places of San Nicolas Aruba's Red Light District. In this tour, you’ll hear about the history, tolerant culture, new initiatives in the area, and local stories. Join our tour and be amazed!

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Uncover the secrets of the oldest profession. Take a tour through Aruba's famous Red Light District accompanied by a local guide.
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